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About us

The vision to create Tic Tac Toe & Co. came soon after the birth of our first daughter Claire.

The first year of Claire’s life filled us with awe as we watched her develop and explore her world through each of her senses while establishing her own adorable way to play with different items. This is what grew our passion and love for sensory play as we saw how this promotes and encourages development from any age.

From there we wanted to create a place where we could pass along that passion to encourage and promote sensory play through age appropriate toys to encourage fine and gross motor skills, as well as items and toys for you to enjoy with your newborn, all the way through to them using their imagination in preschool years.

Our focus is to provide a range of toys that provide comfort when needed, toys that promote learning and discovery and toys that develop fine and gross motor skills for your little one.

So welcome to our forever growing journey and thanks for stopping by!

Rachael and Matt xx